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Failed hit squad

Posted on Fri Jun 30th, 2017 @ 7:47pm by Trinity Costa

Location: various
Timeline: current


Casually walking down a corridor, minding her own business and simply going for a stroll, Trinity Costa was feeling good about her life and where it had taken her so far. The Cabal was back in the Intel business, aside from their normal operations, and the latinum was back to a steady flow. If medical supplies were absconded with during a raid then they were cleared of all traces, repacked, and sent off to upstart colonies. A small portion of these supplies was always kept by The Cabal, stashed away at several locations throughout the quadrant and region. Surla had departed to go set up the Peregrine, Trinity's new/used Brel class Bird of Prey, and in the next couple of weeks she would head out there and pick it up.

These side passages were always dimly lit with soft lighting, keeping the eyes prepared in case there was a power shortage, and why Trinity liked to walk them when in the mood for light cardio. Wearing her shorts, black top and pistols (bio pics) as usual, Costa came around a bend and went to turn down a left corridor. As she took the corner she felt that twinge in the back of her mind, the sixth sense she was being watched or followed. Staying casual, as if nothing was amiss, she kept going. Her senses were on high, her body ready to react at a moment's notice. Finding a small observation lounge she entered and stepped around the door quickly, back to the bulkhead, waiting.

A male, Human in appearance, stepped up just outside the entry, his head on a swivel as he looked around. Trinity noted the amount of piercings and metal on his face and in his scalp, an Orion trait. Her eyes scanned him up and down, the exposed skin, and saw the slightly off-color of it. This was no Human, this was an Orion. Steeling herself for combat Trinity turning to face him, stepped into the entry. "You lost?"

The man spun and looked at her, his eyes going wide as he recognized who he had been following. Without a word he stepped in and tried to punch her in the face, to which Trinity reacted and blocked, back-stepping into the lounge. This man shouted out in a language she didn't understand, but she heard footfalls coming toward the lounge from out in the hall. He wasn't alone. Two more came into the room, dodging around the furnishings to surround her, Trinity's back to the large viewport--and no escape. But, escape was not her plan.

All three men pulled out clubs, throwing them open with a flick of the wrist. The lead antagonist stepped in and swung with Trinity matching his step in and capturing his club arm in her armpit and giving him a blow to the throat. He released his club and grabbed his neck, choking and gasping as his club landed on the carpet. Trinity turned on the other two, coming in together, so she blocked and struck in a way to cause momentum to keep them off balance. She made a short sprint towards the entry with one of them hot on her heels, but just when she could have left the room she did a walk up on the wall, a somersault over his head and landing behind him. Grabbing his shirt at the shoulder blades, his momentum already carrying him forward, Trinity pushed him across the hall and face first into the wall. A heavy thud was heard as his face impacted and he crumpled to the floor. Trinity turned back to the others, seeing one helping the man she had throat punched.

"Aargh!" Trinity gave her war cry and ran in as both men got into combat stances to prepare for the onslaught of blows. She did not disappoint, throwing blows as she danced around one of them and avoided their attacks with grace and blocks. An opening was presented and Trinity gave a forearm smash to Throat's face, green blood immediately pouring from his nose as he was unsteady on his feet. In that instant Trinity used his body like a support, hopping and lifting her lower body off the floor, wrapping her legs around the other's neck and trapping the club arm. Letting go of the one and swinging her upper body around she threw him off balance as the apex of her move arrived. Costa released with her legs, spinning in the air and landing on her feet as he went crashing through a glass coffee table.

Throat still stood shaking his head, walking unsteady. Trinity leaped off of an ottoman and landed with her thighs around his neck, the back of his head in her crotch as she blasted him over and over with hammer blows to the face, feeling the bones and cartilage crunching under the fists. He went down face first, Trin riding him down and stepping off as she spread her legs to accommodate his dying body. The one at the coffee table was now on all fours, shaking his head and trying to stand so she walked over, grabbed the back of his head and his chin and twisted, hearing the neck snap as she released and stomped down in the center of his back to put him back on the floor HARD.

Hearing a coughing from the corridor Trinity looked back over her shoulder, seeing wall face sitting up and leaning back against the bulkhead that was artfully decorated with the blood from his split lips and nose. Again, green blood. All three were Orions. Spinning and walking towards him, leaving the lounge, wall face held out his hands in supplication, trying to surrender.

Trinity stood over him, her face the visage of rage and hate. "No one attacks me and lives!" With that said she shot her right foot out, a heel kick directly to the face, head bouncing off the bulkhead. He slumped to his side as she then continued to stomp on his torso, bones crunching and internal trauma ending his miserable existence. Trinity stood there, perfectly still, staring down at this attacker with a faraway look in her eyes. After a few moments her eyes blinked faster, as if she was coming out of a dream, her chin lifting as she then looked around. The lounge and corridor were a mess, and with this being a non-essential area, no one had seen or heard what went on. Stepping into the lounge Trinity tapped the comm on the panel. "Security, Trinity Costa, here. I have three dead bodies I need to report." She gave the lounge number and section.

"Dead bodies, ma'am? Did I hear that correctly?"

"You did, yes." Trinity explaining. "I was assaulted, they lost. I'll be waiting. Trinity Costa, out." She tapped the comm off, spun on a heel, then went and sat in a lounge chair.



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