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"Give it a minute."

Posted on Sat Jul 1st, 2017 @ 4:55am by Trinity Costa

Location: SB 249
Timeline: current


Security finally arrived, finding Trinity sitting casually in a chair, legs crossed at the thighs while she buffed her nails. The moment they entered the lounge she stood and approached. "Trinity Costa."

The ensign in charge of the team stepped in, his eyes taking in her appearance, giving her a grin. "Club Bliss, right?"

Trinity gave a nod, softening her stance a bit, throwing out some seduction. "That's me, yes. You know my club?"

"I do." He smiled wider. "Go there quite often for my after-shifter."

"Well," added Trinity. "Stop by after this mess and I'll buy you a drink...or two."

The ensign looked around at the mess, and the three corpses. "Not gonna be easy, Miss. Three dead is quite a report."

"They won't be missed, trust me," responded Trinity. "Look, they attacked me, check your internal sensor logs. If your acting boss needs my clearance then I'll send it."

"Clearance?" The man looked confused.

Trinity sighed and rolled her eyes, snatching his PADD from his hands and tapping away before he could even voice a 'hey'. She sent her clearance directly to the acting Security chief, showing who she was behind the scenes, that it was classified, and she was to be let go. Handing the PADD back, Trinity grinned arrogantly. "Give it a minute."

"Give what a minute?" His badge warbled so he tapped it. "Ensign Thompson, go ahead."

The acting chief was on the line, instructing the Ensign to forego any and all charges against Trinity, and to clean up the mess as soon as possible. He told the young man not to argue, then closed the call. "Thank you, Ensign, I'll be going now. Don't forget your drinks when you next stop in." Giving a wink Costa turned and walked out, her arms covered in bruises from defending herself, but she didn't much care. Making her way back to Bliss Trinity immediately went back to her office to make a few calls.



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