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Getting the scoop, and then some...

Posted on Sat Jul 1st, 2017 @ 11:21am by Lieutenant Marduk "Duke" & Trinity Costa

Location: Club Bliss
Timeline: current


Marduk was in his office filing reports, minding his own business with the door shut and jamming some Earth rock and metal. His office was soundproof so he had no worries about disturbing those outside of it. The music muted as a comm call rang out. "Doctor Marduk, this is Security. We need you in the morgue."

Looking up at the ceiling, Marduk came back at them. "The morgue? Who died?"

"I would rather not discuss that on an open comm channel, Doctor."

"On my way." standing and turning down, then turning off the music, Marduk left his office with an easy stride. Since he was wearing his engineers vest stuffed with medical devices instead of engineering tools he simply made his way through the medical facility to the morgue. Stepping inside the house of the dead, and seeing two Security personnel, he approached. "So, what have we got?"

The Lieutenant looked up from his PADD. "Three unknowns, Doc. They attacked Trinity Costa and got themselves perished." His team member pulled a drawer open, then the sheet from the face.

"Ugly sumbitch," stated Marduk, looking at all the metal in this guy's face and scalp. "Orion piercings, but...wait." Grabbing some gloves Marduk came back to the deceased and began to open the eyes, investigate the mouth and gumline, and the cuticles on the fingers. Taking out his medical tricorder he then ran it over the body, the scans showing that this individual, despite Human skin pigment, was indeed an Orion. What really caught his eye was the amount of internal trauma that had been given to the poor bastard. If Trinity had done this she must have been out of her mind with anger since every rib this being possessed was either broken or at least fractured to a degree. The heart was a giant bruise. "You said Trinity Costa did this?" He continued to examine the body while asking, trying to play it cool.

"Yes. She called us and then sat in a lounge chair until my people could arrive. She would have been arrested had it not been for her special cleara...uhmm..special circumstances. Internal sensors did show she was attacked first, then killed them all...with her hands, Doc."

Marduk had stood up straight and taken the gloves off, looking and listening to the LT, and catching the correction. He looked to the subordinate Security officer. "Step outside, please." The younger man looked at his boss, which irked Marduk. "Don't look at him, this is my request. You're in a medical facility, so when I ask you to leave you damn well do it. Or, do I need to make it an order?"

The LT waved the man out, turning back to the Doctor. "Relax, Doc. He's new, learning the ropes."

Giving a few nods while calming himself Marduk took a breath and then looked back to the LT. "So, you said Trinity did all this damage, after she was attacked, and that she was cleared? Cleared by whom?"

"I can't answer that, Doc. Classified."

"Classi..." Marduk put his hands on his hips, shaking his head and looking at the floor, his anger really flaring. "Is she under investigation for something? Is that why it's classified?" He brought his face back up while asking.

"No. There are no criminal investigations in regards to Miss Costa. Matter of fact she's squeaky clean since she's been on 249. We got bored watching her so have our eyes elsewhere. Why?"

"Just curious," said Marduk, with more behind that statement than he would admit. "Come on, who cleared her? We're in the morgue, no one here will tell, and internal sensors don't exist within the confines of this fridge. I have my reasons for asking, Lieutenant, as a Starfleet officer."

"Let's just say it's not anyone I ever would have expected, Doc. I thought she was a straight up criminal, as her record shows from the number of busts, but that ain't the case. I wish I could divulge more, but my honor forbids it."

Marduk shook his hand. "Understood. I'll get my own answers from the source. All three are Orion, all three died due to blunt force trauma. We're done here. Have a nice day." Walking out, Marduk headed for the exit from medical, and then the nearest lift that would take him to level 586 on the Promenade.


Trinity, sitting in her private niche in Bliss, was using an ice pack on her hands. They were bruised and swollen from bashing in skulls and punching bodies covered in rugged leathers. The club was full, but not a capacity crowd, the DJ music keeping butts moving on the dance floor while most just sat around and drank while chatting. Her arms were a mottling of green and purple from blocking and striking, and there were a few on her thighs. Occasionally glancing up and out of her private area, the force field not allowing others to see in, she saw Marduk approaching her spot--and not slowing.

Not slowing his stride Marduk walked straight through the forcefield, having asked where Trinity was and Zyna had chinned this way. Stopping just inside the field, planting his feet shoulder-width apart and crossing his arms over his chest, Marduk looked Trinity in the eyes. "So, three dead Orions in disguise, you banged up and not under arrest for their deaths, and me doing the autopsy per Security request. You got anything you'd like to tell me?"

"Nope," Trinity responding as she adjusted the ice pack on her right hand.

Stepping in and leaning on his hands on the table edge, Marduk was now looking over the table and directly in her face. "Talk to me, Trinity. If there were three in disguise, aiming for you, then there may be more on the station just waiting to try for their chance. Talk to me."

"I tripped and rolled down some stairs," answered Trinity. "They were at the bottom and I landed on them. Complete accident, I assure you. See?" She held her arms up a moment and spun them so he could see the bruising. She saw his anger boiling, ready to hit overload, so she winked and smiled. "Calm yourself, Doctor. Fix me up, stop being rude, and I will tell you...something."

Marduk sighed heavily, pushed off and stood straight, that damn smile and wink of hers instantly negating some of his ire. He didn't know what it was about her but he could never stay mad at her long, no matter how heated the discussions. Like a sister that just pesters the piss outta her brother, then makes up for it by being cool. Going around the table he sat in a chair next to her, his anger subsiding as he went into doctor mode. "Alright, lay 'em on the table."

Trinity giggled lightly. "Are we still talking about my arms?"

Giving her a snide look Marduk brought out his plam PADD and made some notations. "There. Wanna be a smartass, you are now scheduled for your mandatory physical as a resident of this station. Tomorrow, I might add." He put the PADD away, beckoning her to lay her arms on the table. "Let's see them." Examining her hands and arms he could see basic impact trauma from punching and bashing with them, and the knuckles were cut and scraped. "Oh shit."

Trinity, sounding bored. "What?"

"I think you broke a nail." Marduk smiling at her.

"Oh shit, I think I'll break your face," giggled trinity. "Just shut up and fix me. Do a good job and I'll even give you a 15% gratuity."

"Fifteen percent?" Marduk playing back. "You're so generous, thank you." Pulling out his dermal regenerator Marduk set it for the work needed, then pulled a hypo from another pocket. "Take this. An analgesic."

Shrugging, Trinity pressed the hypo to her neck and injected the medication, the affects beginning as she set the hypo on the table. "So, without being rude and demanding, what do you want to know?"

Treating her wounds, Marduk didn't look her way as he was watching what he was doing. "Who cleared you from charges? Security is clamped shut on the subject."

"They better be," stated Trinity. "Before I go any further with your query, answer me this. Why do you want to know? What is it you are looking for?"

"I'm looking to make a difference." Marduk finished one hand and moved to the other, looking up at her briefly. "Yes, I'm a doctor, but I want more than just that. I'm a Klingon so I am a soldier. I would rather serve like a field corpsman from Marine history, over sitting behind a desk in a nice air conditioned office, far from harm, putting people back together again who did go out and make a difference."

Trinity's voice was odd sounding, like her mind was far off. "There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter." Her eyes blinked a few times, coming out of her brief reverie.

Marduk had watched her after the odd tone, seeing her come back from wherever her brain had taken her. "Who said that?"

"Ernest Hemingway," answered Trinity. "Are we done?" She wiggled her fingers at him.

"We are." Marduk put his toys away, then loaded another capsule into the hypo, putting it to Trinity's neck and injecting before putting it in a pouch. "A little something for the bruises. They should be gone in about an hour." He reached out and grabbed the arms of her chair and spun it to face him, pulling her close enough their knees almost touched as he then leaned back in his own chair. "So, I asked my question and still await an answer."

Trinity crossed her arms over her chest. "Marduk, there are things I could tell you that may end up getting you killed. Knowledge is power, this is true, but it is also a curse at times. Are you sure...positive, you want to know this?"

Marduk looked her in the eyes for a few seconds, seeing she was being serious. Whatever it was she knew, or had dealings with, it was indeed something she held close to the chest. "Yes, I am positive. Let me in, Trinity. Have someone else around who knows what you know, to back you when needed. Plus, having a doctor on hand could be beneficial in certain circumstances."

Trinity scooched her chair back and leaned forward, elbows on knees, the seriousness of the pose evident. "Okay, fine. Here it is. I am Federation Intelligence, a deep cover agent and mole. A sniper. An assassin. A crime boss. Whichever you choose to label me, I am that. But, above everything else, I am an agent for the government I love. Have you ever heard of, or know anything about, Section 31?"

"Section 31?" Marduk was baffled by the reference and only one thing came to mind. "You mean Article 14, Section 31 of the Starfleet Charter?"

Trinity gave a slow nodding of her head while answering, her eyes showing there was more to it than that. "Yes, but loosely. That is where their name came from, their designation. Have you ever read that Section?" He shook his head no, and she could see she had his full attention. "Let me repeat it. Article 14, Section 31, which allows for extraordinary measures to be taken in times of extreme threat. Hidden right there in plain sight, for all to see, but never really think about. Section 31's darkest aspect is that, while it has existed since the beginning of Starfleet, it is practically autonomous, operating for over two centuries with no oversight or accountability whatsoever, even free to kill those it deems a threat to Federation interests at its own discretion."

"By Khaless!" Marduk stood up and began to pace, his mind racing over what he had just heard. That there was such a body of individuals operating in the Federation was unbelievable, that the government he thought was altruistic and noble was actually no better than any others out there. He turned and grabbed the backrest on his chair, looking at his friend. "Are you involved with this Section 31? Is that why you're giving me a history lesson?"

Trinity stood and came over to him, moving the chair aside to stand belly to belly and look up into his eyes. "No, I am not Section 31. The organization I am a part of is the counter to Section 31. We have done some pretty vile things in the past to protect the Federation, but it was deemed necessary and not shrugged off. I was a weapon, a blade to be wielded against all enemies foreign and domestic, and I was good at it. Damn good at it. This was after my stint in Starfleet on NX-01, seeing how noble Archer and his crew were during their many missions and explorations. I made a choice to protect the UFP, no matter what. And, that meant fighting against Section 31. Lieutenant Reed got thrown in the brig by Archer for hiding communications from his Captain, from Section 31, who wanted the Enterprise slowed down on their search for Phlox so he could have time to perfect the Klingon Augment gene."

Marduk's head was swimming, still taking it all in. "Augment? Like Khan Singh?"

Nodding in the positive, Trinity took a step back. "Yes, exactly like Khan. His 'brothers and sisters' as Arik Soong had put it. There are still Augment embryos out there, in cold storage, left over from the Eugenics wars. No one knew what to do with them, so they did the humane thing and kept them frozen...alive. Ever hear of Cold Station 12?" Shaking of the head, no. "Didn't think so. Do you now see how many secrets this government has? We're not perfect but we're a damn sight better than most."

"So, you say you are fighting against this Section 31," asked Marduk. "If so then I really want in."

Trinity went back to her chair, spinning it around and sitting backwards, arms crossed and resting on the back. "Be careful what you ask for. Loosely speaking, it is Starfleet's black-ops division, operating separately from and usually without the knowledge of Starfleet Intelligence, though it often recruits members of Starfleet Intelligence. Section 31 is somewhat comparable to the Romulan Tal Shiar or Cardassian Obsidian Order--unlike these other organizations, however, Section 31's very existence is a deeply buried secret, known only to a handful of people beyond its own membership. If you become involved in this, and get found out by 31, they may have you killed. Trust me when I say it will look like an accident if they want it to, and no one will be the wiser once you're gone."

Marduk gave her an evil grin, doing the same with his chair as he sat down right in front of her. "All the more reason to be involved. I don't want to be old, grey, and weak when I die. Dying in battle cements my journey to Sto-vo-kor. As I said, I want in."

"It's not that simple, Duke." Trinity was testing waters here, shortening his name to see if he would react like a Klingon and expect the whole name to be used. "I can pass along your interest and I personally can rely on you in certain instances, but it is not on me whether you get accepted. Plus, The Cabal is a criminal organization, no denying that, and I enjoy the thrill of it all. Running everything and keeping it together so that they can pass on to me tidbits of Intel that could prove useful. I built it from the ground up, took in people with the understanding that the Federation comes first. As long as wallets get fat they are willing to comply."

Listening to all this caused Marduk to want it even more, and Trinity calling him Duke had sounded good. There was a trust there if she was willing to shorten his name like a confidante with a nickname. "I am willing to comply, in my own way, in my own time."

Trin gave a smile. "Okay. I'll pass that along. For now you work for me, behind the scenes, and not from a Starfleet standpoint. Your duties there are separate and I won't take away from that. But, as a member of The Cabal, you better be ready to back your brethren when needed."

Duke gave a curt nod. "Not a problem. Consider it done. But, I have an office to get back to and reports to file, so I'll see you later."

"Count on it, Duke." Trinity stood and gave him a hug and then walked out of her niche ahead of him, immediately beset upon by a group of patrons shouting and drinking while saying hi to her.

Watching his 'boss' with the people of this station really was impressive. Everyone loved her and she always gave back somehow, whether it be music, latinum, food or medicine. If she could get it she would share it, how she rolled, and something he could get behind. Leaving the club he strolled along the promenade a while before going back to the sterile prison he called an office.



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