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Robo Vacuum

Posted on Sat Jul 29th, 2017 @ 7:13pm by Captain Marcab Strongfellow & Commander Mikayla O'Dell M.D

Location: Decks 588 - Main External Docking Ports
Timeline: Current

CAPT Strongfellow stands at the window looking out at one of the external docking ports as a new ship arrives. He taps his comm badge, =/\= "Captain Strongfellow to Doctor O'Dell, please report to Deck 588 external docking port window."

The last quarter of the track is in site as Mikayla rounds the end of the oval running track in the gym. Upon completion she will have run 1600 meters of her 3200 meter goal for the day. She hears her combadge tweet as she jogs over the finish line and she slows to a stop before tapping it and listening to Marcab asking for her presence. "On my way," she says, breathlessly, and grabs her towel from the bench. She wipes the sweat from her face and drapes the towel around the back of her neck as she picks up her water bottle from the bench and takes a long drink. Then she heads out of the gym. "There's always tomorrow," she says to herself. A few minutes later, still dressed in her jogging attire, she steps off of the turbolift on Deck 588 and heads to the external docking port window. She sees Marcab looking out of the window and walks over to him. "What's so interesting?" she asks and looks outside.

Marcab turns to she Mikayla still in her work out uniform. He slight grin crosses his face as he approves of the outfit on the lovely lady, he then says "Sorry didn't realize that you working out." He turns his head again to gaze out the window, and says to her, "Look out the window and tell me what you see."

Knowing it isn't what he means but being in a playful mood she smiles and says, "the reflection of the best looking CO in Starfleet," then she glances around. The corridor is empty so she snuggles up next to Marcab.

Marcab chuckles and returns the affection. He then asks her again, "What do you see out there?"

Mikayla scrunches up her face when she realizes he wants a serious answer. With a shrug she says, "I don't know.....a ship getting ready to dock...and beyond, space and more space?"

"What do you think of the ship?" he asks her.

Mikayla shrugs. "Looks like my Godmothers robo vacuum," she says. "Why? Do you know who it is?"

Marcab laughs. He then looks into Mikayla's eyes and tells her, "Yes that is YOUR new ship."

Mikayla blinks and looks up at Marcab. "For me? You bought me a ship? A whole ship of my very own? Just what I never wanted. Thank you, sweetheart. But I didn't get you anything," she says, her sarcasm mixed with humor.

"So you don't want a more modern ship then. I guess I can give it to the XO and give you the smaller ship to do medical things with. That would mean no research or medical evacs for you or your crew." he tells her to be a little sarcastic himself.

Mikayla's eyes narrow. "What do you mean no research of evacs? Like we haven't already been doing that with the Franz," she says, looking back out the window at the robo vacuum looking ship, now disappearing into the hangar. "Must not be fitted with labs and updated sickbay or you wouldn't be so willing to just hand it over to Pennell." She shrugs. "Go ahead. Give it to him. The Franz is already set up for what we need. I don't need the added work of designing a refit," she says, evenly, and turns to walk away.

"No you misunderstand doctor, your current ship is being moth-balled and decommissioned. The 'robo vacuum' was sent to replace your ship." A sly little grin crosses his face as he continues on to say, "So what that means is that you can have the shiny new ship to continue your research and medical evacs as needed or I give it to the XO or maybe the Marine CO to do those missions with. You will then be assigned one of the Wallace class ships to do escort missions and deliveries with." He then asks her, "So do you understand what I am trying to tell you now?"

Mikayla stops and turns around. She doesn't like his tone but she keeps quiet since they are in a public corridor and walls have ears. "I'll decide when I see what it has to offer," she says, simply, and turns back around. She takes a couple of steps in the direction of the hanger bay and stops, looks back at Marcab and asks, "are you coming?" then continues on.

He looks at her and states, "Oh I guess that means you'll take the ship then." And just like the good little puppy he his when it comes to Mikayla, and unable to control the wild redheaded woman in front of him, he follows her to the newly docked ship. He asks her again about the name for the ship as they walk to the ship, "Have you decided what to name her yet or you going to wait until after the tour?"

Mikayla shakes her head. "Why do men never listen?" she asks as they step into the hanger. "I said I would decide after I get a look at what she has," she says as she looks over the exterior of the ship. "What class is she?"

Marcab steps onto the ship as he answers the doctor's question. "She is a hornet class heavy garrison vessel. She has a crew compliment of 5 officers, 15 enlisted crewmen and 5 Marines. She has a cruising velocity of Warp 6 with a maximum velocity of Warp 9.2. She can give you an emergency velocity of Warp 9.82 for 4 hours and she has four (4) decks." He then continues on to tell her, "She may not be as big as your last ship but she can allow you to do the same work with less and in far less time."

"Weapons?" Mikayla asks as she steps off of the ramp and into the corridor.

"She has ablative armor, 4 type U pulse phasers and a type X array. She also has 4 burst-fire torpedo launchers with a payload of 30 photon torpedoes and 50 quantum torpedoes. She even comes with auto-modulating shields and metaphasic shielding." He pauses for a moment to catch his breath and then continues on to say, "In other words, she packs one heck of a punch for when you do get in trouble." He adds, "Who ever your tactical officer will be shall enjoy this ship." He then smiles and remarks, "I am almost jealous of them."

Mikayla looks at him with a raised eyebrow. "What the hell is ablative armor?" she asks as they continue along the corridor.

"Right I forgot you are still a doctor." Marcab says with a chuckle. He then states, "Ablative armor is armor which prevents damage through the process of ablation, which is the removal of material from the surface of an object by vaporization, chipping, or other erosive processes. In spacecraft, ablative plating is most frequently seen as an ablative heat shield for a vehicle that must enter atmosphere from orbit, such as space vehicles."

"Clear as mud," Mikayla mumbles. "I want to see the labs and Sickbay," she says as they approach the turbolift.

Marcab leads the good doctor to the turbo lift. Once they have entered Marcab states, "Deck 2." The turbo lift then travels and stops at deck 2. Marcab tells Dr. O'Dell, "Follow me." He then leads her to the med bay and lab areas.

As they walk through the labs, Mikayla remains silent, examining equipment and instruments. "Impressive," she says, simply as they leave the science department and move on to Sickbay. It, of course, is smaller since the ship is small, but it doesn't lack in upgrades. It consists of one main suite, 5 biobeds, an iso chamber and one cubicle set up with a surgical canopy and equipment. But the instruments and equipment are the newest the fleet has to offer. She turns and looks at Marcab and gives him a half smile. "Yeah. OK. It has possibilities," she says."

"Now that you are impressed with the area where YOU will spend very little of your time." he says half jokingly. He then asks her, "Would you like to see where you WILL be spending most of your time as the captain of this ship?"

"Yeah. Ok," Mikayla says, without enthusiasm. It is hard to get excited about captaining a ship after her last experience in the chair. She knows that Marcab doesn't understand. He was born a red shirt and would die one. She never aspired to it. She is a physician. Her comfort zone is in an ER treating patients. "I need to get with Jack to see if he knows how to fly a robo vacuum," she says as they head down the corridor.

Marcab leads her to the turbo lift and announces, "Bridge." The turbo lift stops at the bridge. "Mikayla I know that it is hard to sit up here for you. I know that you would prefer to be in your ER, but think about this as a method to best help your patients." he tells her.

"Yeah if I don't get everyone killed like I almost did the last time," she mutters as the door slides open and she looks out at the bridge. With a sigh she steps across the threshold and looks around at the consoles.

Marcab can understand how much that bothers her. He tells her, with a hint of sorrow in his voice, "Listen Mikayla, that wasn't your fault. You can't beat your self up over it. Blame me for sending you out there." He pauses, places his hand on her shoulder and then tells her, "Plus I think you shouldn't look at how many you loss but how many you brought back to their families."

Mikayla shakes her head. "I blame you for leaving the seat up in the bathroom. I blame you for not cleaning out the recycler. I blame you for not putting a new roll of toilet paper on the dispenser. But I don't blame you for sending me out there," she says as she walked around the bridge.

Marcab walks with Dr. O'Dell as she tours the bridge. He tells her, "You know losing people will never get easy and I pray that it never does." As they get close to the captain's chair, Marcab asks her, "Would you like to sit in the 'big' chair and see how it feels?"

Mikayla sits down and looks at Marcab. "It's not very comfortable," she says with a grimace. "Can't Starfleet afford better padding? My butt will go to sleep on this hard ass thing. And there's no lumbar support." She gets up and steps away. "You try it."

Marcab tells her, "I can try and see if the engineers can make it better." He then accommodates her request and sits in the chair. He then tells her, "Yeah not the most comfortable chair, but I have sat in worse." He then tells her, "You know you don't have to stay in the chair the whole time."

Mikayla sits down on his lap and says, "now this is comfy," and smiles at him, mischievously. "If it only reclined," she said, thoughtfully.

Marcab wraps his arms around her and with a sly grin agrees on how comfy this position is at the moment. "You know we still haven't see the captain's quarters yet." Marcab tells her.

Mikayla kisses him, passionately, then stands up. "Show me," she says in a sultry voice.


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