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Marine Commander Arrival

Posted on Sat Aug 12th, 2017 @ 3:00pm by Captain Marcab Strongfellow & Major Micheal “Red Mike” Saxton & Commander Brad Pennell & Chief Petty Officer Serena Reed

Location: Deck 122, Shuttlebay 6
Timeline: Current

The Danube Runabout hovered and landed on the pad of shuttle bay Six. The Green spacecraft held the markings of the Fourth Marine Division. It had one passenger on board. Deck 122 was a Marine deck on the station with a complement of several shuttle bays. Primarily for shuttles and transport vehicles few would have even noticed the arrival. Landing crew and maintenance knew something was up as soon as they seen the Marine marked vessel. It meant they were most likely the target of a Division level evaluation or some type of inspection.

Several senior NCO's quickly snapped the ground crews into shape as Others scattered to get the word out in the Battalion that something was definitely going on...

Mike walked through the cabin of the Danube after recently changing from his shorts and tank top. It had been a relaxed and informal fight with the crew and Mike had flown several hours of the shift to give the crew a break. He warmly thanked them for a great trip and offered them a Steak Dinner as soon as he got settled on the station.

Saxton left the hatch and was holding a small personal bag and a thin briefcase that held a Blue Federation Diplomatic pouch Mike was instructed to give to Captain Strongfellow as soon as he arrived. Saxton didn't know its contents but he new anything hand delivered was highly classified.

Marcab sits in his office sipping his tea reviewing status reports and requests from various personnel aboard the station. Suddenly he hears his yeoman's voice on his comm-badge.

CPO Reed states =/\="Captain sorry to bother you but there seems to be something unusual going on down in the Marine area shuttle bays."=/\=

CAPT Strongfellow taps his comm-badge and replies, "Thank you I will go check it out." He then heads for the turbo lift and heads down to the Marine area of the station. He steps on the turbo lift and announces, "Deck 122." The turbo lift finally stops at the deck and he steps off and heads to where he can he all types of commotions.

As Mike stepped from the runabout he saw Captain Strongfellow. It certainly had to be the CO as there were very few Red Shirts of Captain rank on the station. Mike walked directly towards him offering a sharp salute.

"Major Saxton reporting Sir." Mike held both briefcase and baggage in his left hand. And surprised he was met by the Captain.

Marcab returns the major's salute. "Welcome aboard major." CAPT Strongfellow replies, he then goes on to say "So your the reason for the commotion down here."

Mike smiled. "Thank you Captain, it's my pleasure to serve in your command." Mike looked around the hanger deck. "Yes Sir, it appears that the Marine unit here isn't used to seeing one of these roll in..." Mike looked over his shoulder at the Green Danube from 4th Marine Headquarters.

"As I'm sure your aware Sir I'm in possession of a Classified Diplomatic pouch for you." Mike tapped the side of his briefcase. He was confidence Captain Strongfellow was eager to receive it And perhaps talk to Mike about his assignment on the Starbase.

"Why don't we go some where a little more quite." Marcab turns and heads towards the turbo lift.

"Yes Sir." Mike turned and walked with Captain Strongfellow to the lift. He took longer and slower strides. The gravity of the station starting to pull on him.

Marcab and Mike reach the turbo lift. As the doors open the captain notices that his XO is already in it.

Brad was riding the turbo lift up from the Brig when the doors opened and Brad was caught off guard by seeing the Captain standing in front of him. "Sorry Captain... there was an incident with a few civilians on the Promenade and my presence was requested to confirm the charges brought against them," Brad said as he stepped back in the turbo lift.

As CAPT Strongfellow and the major enter the turbo lift, he looks at the XO and says, "Commander Pennell I would like you to meet Major Michael Saxton. He has been assigned as the new battalion commander for the Marines."

"Yes, Major Saxton... Welcome aboard," Brad said as he turned to Major Saxton. "Have you made it to your quarters yet," Brad asked.

Mike smiled. "No Sir, I just stepped off the Shuttle several minutes ago. Ii was able to catch up on some rest before arriving."

"We will not keep you too long then." CAPT Strongfellow replies. He then looks at CDR Pennell and says, "Commander if you are not busy right now, could you please join us in my ready room?" He then announces to the turbo lift, "Deck 12 Operations." The turbo lift then begins to move.

"Certainly Captain," Brad replied. "Major, please let me know if you need anything...once you get settled in, Brad said as he looked back at the Major.

"Thank you sir, it was a pleasure meeting you." Mike thought a good meal and a soft bunk would be his first priority as soon as Captain Strongfellow was done with him in operations.

The turbo lift stops at operations. The three men step off and enter the captain's ready. "Please grab a drink and have a seat." Marcab tells the two men as he walks over to the replicator. He tells the replicator, "Glass of tea with ice." Seconds later the tea materializes. He grabs his drink and walks over to his chair and sits.

Saxton grabbed a cup of Dark Coffee and took a chair as instructed. The Coffee was just what he needed.

"I am fine for now... thank you," Brad replied as he walked over and took his seat.

"Okay major I will take the paperwork now." Marcab says referring to the attache attached to the major's arm.

"Yes Sir." Mike placed the briefcase on the table and entered a coded release to open it. A Blue Federation envelope and a Blue Padd was removed. Mike placed them on the desk and showed Captain Strongfellow the inside of the now empty briefcase revealing it was indeed empty.

"Sir, would you need me to leave the room?" Mike was certain that the information contained in the package was indeed far above his clearance and perhaps Captain Strongfellow wished to review it right away. It was common security curtesy to give his commanding officer that option.

"No I want both of you here." he tells them. He then grabs the information and begins to read everything. After a few minutes he finishes. "Okay major you are now officially in charge of the Marines, but you will answer to the XO and myself for the moment. As this is a Starfleet base, you will still receive your orders from me. Any orders issued to you from Starfleet Marines will still have to be run through me or the XO to ensure there are no problems. I want no secrets either. No black ops WITHOUT my authority and I don't care who issues them." He then asks, "Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Sir" Mike was somewhat taken back by the Captains request. Perhaps there had been some previous issue he was unaware of with the prior Marine Commander.

"In Forty years of service I can safely say that I fully understand the chain of command for Starfleet, and at no time during my service have I never conducted any mission or operation without the explicit approval from my commanding officer."

"As you are a Marine and that there may be a two tier chain of command for you, I just want you to know that I will not interfere with any orders issued to you from a higher command of the Marines unless it countermands my orders." CAPT Strongfellow tells his new Marine CO. "Please understand that I am relatively new at working with marines, but I do not want any confusion on what I expect." he added.

"And you shall have none from me." Saxton insisted.

Brad sat back and listened to the Captain's orders intently. Brad had worked with Marines before... on the USS Gladiator, although not on the same scale. "One quick question, how would you like Marine personnel requests to be handled," Brad asked.

CAPT Strongfellow looks at CDR Pennell and says, "As always commander you are responsible for personnel issues as the executive officer of this station, this would include Marines as well. The major would still have to send his requirements to you and you will handle filling those needs as with any other department on this base."

"Understood, Captain," Brad replied. "Major we can discuss your manning needs as soon as you can get settled in and get to know your units," Brad said as he turned to Major Saxton. "Also we can discuss supply needs as well...but from what I remember the Marine Armory was pretty well stocked when I arrived," Brad continued.

"Any other questions or concerns gentlemen?" Marcab asks.

"No Sir." Saxton responded.

"I am all set, Captain," Brad responded. "Again Major, let me know if you need anything," Brad said.

"Alright then. I trust everything will be handled. Welcome aboard major and I look forward to working with you." CAPT Strongfellow tells the men.


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