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Meeting the new Battalion Commander

Posted on Thu Jul 20th, 2017 @ 1:08am by Captain James Racktor & 1st Lieutenant Nathaniel Capp & Major Micheal “Red Mike” Saxton

Location: Barracks
Timeline: current

After the Meeting with Captain Strongfellow Captain James Ractor returned to the Barracks and saw a Marine Officer with the rank of Major " Excuse me Can i help you Sir I'm Captain James Ractor the Headquarters & Service Company Commander and this is my XO 1st lieutenant Nathaniel Capp "James said.

Mike was on a walkthrough of the marine decks. For the most part everything looked in good order. It was late and Mike needed to stretch his legs a bit to get his sea legs back in the gravity of the station. He was stopped by Two Marine Officers. who introduced themselves.

"Glad to meet you both." Mike shook the hands of both Marines. He had recalled looking through some of the assigned personnel files, but at the moment he just couldn't put names together with faces yet. It would take a while considering the size of the battalion.

"Well at the moment I'm headed down to Intel to send a few messages. However Captain Racktor If you could please set up a Battalion formation at 0500 hours tomorrow. Duty uniform will be fine. After which a Officers call for all Officers of the 10th.We can use the hanger Deck for the formation. There will be an Open Ranks inspection conducted at that time."

Mike let that sink in. Saxton took a look at his Padd. He had been working on a schedule...

"Later around 1200 hours I'd like a lunch with all the Senior NCO's in the Command. Would like to see if there are any old friends in the unit. That will help immensely right now."

Mike looked at the schedule again. It was scattered all over the place and he still hadn't been to his office, formed a staff or unpacked yet. He would get it done, but it may take a few days to get sorted. It was quite fortunate he had run into the Headquarters CO.

James Repiled "Aye Sir my XO and I will get that done right away"they both stood at attention waiting for Major Saxton to dismiss them.

"Very well then, thank you both for the support on this gentlemen and I shall see you both at the staff meeting. Both men seemed to just stand there, "Until then. Please carry on."

Mike smiled and thought that had got things somewhat started and on track. He returned their salute and headed for the Intel center. It was fairly close and he sent several messages to 4th Marine Headquarters. The last was to Fleet Marine personnel division requesting the last known assignment of a certain Command Sergeant Major...

James and Nathaniel saluted Major Saxton and left the barraks and began to set up the battalion formation for inspection.


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