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A Klingon offer

Posted on Wed Jul 26th, 2017 @ 4:49pm by Lady Surla & Major Micheal “Red Mike” Saxton

Location: quarters
Timeline: current


Surla, in her advanced D-7 class, pulled up to 249. As an ally 249 had always seen to Klingon vessels in the area, and she counted on that. "Secure the ship, I have business."

Leaving her bridge, Surla went and strapped on her Klingon weaponry, then exited the ship once the gangway had been established. Making her way through the station she came to a soldiers door, and hit the chime, waiting impatiently.

A marine sentry was in the small lobby as the door opened. "Ma'am can I help you?" A large oak double door on the other side of the small lobby was the only other exit.

Mike Saxton was in a meeting with several Warrant Officers and sitting around a large wood conference table in his office.

"I need to speak with Major Saxton." Surla's linguistics were off on this, and it came out odd. "Your Command Officer. Do you wish to face a berserker Klingon?"

Fortunately the sentry knew exactly what she said as he was fluent. he responded that Major Saxton was in a classified briefing but he would immediately notify him that she needed to speak with him. He got up and went through the Oak doors.

As he spoke the doors opened and several warrant officers walked out. The Major was following them to the door.

Surla leaned into the marine. "This is an ally offering aid. Tell Mister Important that some things take priority."

Saxton saw the Klingon standing in the lobby. Mike wasn't expecting a visit but clearly this could be important.

"Please come in." He said in Klingon.

Surla gave a grunt in the back of her throat to the sentry, then turned her attention to Saxton, approaching him. "Major, I have become aware that you are having issues with beasts down on the planet." It was not a question, but a statement as she came to stand before him.

"Yes I believe one of our away teams had a very serious encounter with the Tracken. I have not been fully briefed on the incident as I have just arrived a few hours ago." Mike had only heard very little.

Mike entered his office and leaned against the front of his desk.

"Fortunately you may be the best one to tell me what's going on.
however I just don't have a clue who you are."

"Of course you don't," Surla's brow quirked. "I am an ally in the vicinity of this station, willing to offer aid in Federation endeavors. If that is not needed, say so, and I will leave...and never offer it again."

Saxton sat down at his desk. "You may wish to know that I am not the commanding Officer of this station. However in my position I would never turn away an ally of the federation for any reason, and any aid or information from a trusted ally such as yourself would clearly be of great advantage."

Mikes Klingon was very good. He'd had plenty of practice with it over the years.

"I'm Mike Saxton. I have just taken over command of the Tenth Marines on the station." Mike hoped that if he introduced himself the nameless Klingon would do the same...

Since this man decided to speak Klingon, Surla reciprocated. "I am Lady Surla, of House Surla, Matriarch to all those who serve under my banner. Which is no less important than the fact that I am also a HoD, commanding my vessel the IKS Bloodwing." Taking a pace closer, as was the Klingon way, Surla continuing. "You are in this office so I had determined you were the one I was seeking. There are over 400 Klingons aboard the Bloodwing, itching for a fight. I have come to offer my services and crew for assistance, with the backing of the High Council."

"It is an honor to be with you Lady Surla. And I would surely except any and all assistance from the High Council. Have you had any contact with these Tracken beasts before Lady Surla?"

At this point Saxton needed all the intel he could possibly get about these things on the Planet. Four Hundred Klingons could definitely be and asset, however not if they were all slaughtered on the spot. That was a decision that would have to be made by Captain Strongfellow.

"I know of them, through sources," admitted Surla. "Acid saliva, the works. Klingon technology is far beyond what the Federartion may think, and our blades can withstand this acid they spew. Like a targ, these beasts will be hunted."

Mike thought it certainly was a good idea, however he just wasn't sure what the current plan was regarding these things yet.

"It is indeed fortunate to have you and your crew standing beside us on this issue. And I for one would never underestimate the power of Klingon Technology. Have you formed a specific strategy to hunt the Tracken? I'm sure your aware of their numbers."

Surla relaxed her pose now that it was established he would listen to her. "Truthfully, we have very little information. We know of them, that there were, at one time, some aboard this station. Beyond that we know nothing of their numbers or what they are doing on the planet. Hence, this conversation." Giving a friendly, crooked grin while looking this man in the eye. "As is our way we would go down and set up a perimeter and draw the beasts in. Disruptor turrets, photon mortars, grenades, and hundreds of screaming Klingon warriors." Giving a wink. "You see? We can be helpful, Major."

"I agree. A sound plan indeed. Have you contacted the Current government on the Planet Oraxa?"

"That is not my place," stated Surla. "We were supposed to have an ambassador from the Empire here, but they seem to shirk their duty. As a Matriarch, of my own House, I may have to step in and bring diplomacy to the table."

"I suggest we meet with Captain Strongfellow on the matter. He has contacts on the Planet and as it's under Federation protection he will have to make the call."

Surla gave a nod, her eyes boring into his. "Under it's protection, NOT a member. Starfleet would be wise to remember that." Her eyes relaxed. "Then we'll arrange a meeting, with your commanding officer of this facility. Wouldn't be the first time I have offered my aid. An alliance with Klingons is never a trivial matter."

Certainly Mike had no intention of creating an invasion of Klingon Warriors to Oraxa. It was crystal clear there were plans for Oraxa, and at the moment he wasn't involved with that decision process. Saxton was sure that Lady Surla would indeed need permission to conduct military operations on the planet and that was in the hands of Captain Strongfellow.

Mike looked to Surla. "I shall arrange the meeting as you have requested if you like. I'm sure the Captain would be interested in your noble offer concerning the Tracken. I'm sure that he considers all Starfleet allies with the highest regard."

Surla gave a belly laugh, then gave a forearm shake. "Excellent! You have a latinum tongue, for a warrior, Major Saxton. No rush, just let your Commander know that I am offering my assistance. Strength and Honor." She then spun on a heel and walked out.

Mike was clearly happy about the outcome of that one. He would arrange a meeting as soon as possible. He watched as Lady Surla departed the office.



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