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Tenth Marines Officer Call

Posted on Sun Jul 23rd, 2017 @ 11:29pm by Major Micheal “Red Mike” Saxton

Location: Conference Hall Three / Deck 122
Timeline: Current

The hall was called to attention as Major Saxton entered. Mike stepped up to the lectern to address the assembled officers.

"Gentlemen please have a seat. Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm Mike Saxton, commanding officer of the Tenth Battalion, Fourth Marines. Some of you I have met. Others have served with me on previous assignments." Mike looked out and really didn't see any officers he really knew well..

"First let me commend you all on your service here on station. The Open Ranks Inspection was a fine display of your dedication and activities here. In the very near future there shall be many challenges for the Tenth Marines and with those challenges shall come a few mission essential changes in how we will meet these challenges." Mike let that comment sink in.

"If time permits, and current events allow we shall be expecting additional staff very soon. A complete unit evaluation will begin. As it is completed several of you may be reassigned additional duties in the Unit or returned to Fourth Marines." Mike flipped on an overhead display of the unit manning document. The document displayed all Companies and sections of the Tenth Marines.

"As you see from this document The Tenth has Three companies assigned to the Battalion. Due to our current manning these three companies shall be reconfigured to provide additional mission support. There shall be Two Marine Infantry Companies and the third will take a combat engineering roll in the regiment. The Marine Air support Unit shall remain the same."

"Any comments?" Mike turned the floor over to whomever had suggestions and or argument to the changes.. The gathered Officers were somewhat subdued in their responses. That in itself told Mike all he needed to know. He looked forward to his next meeting with his Senior NCO's. He would get a straight story from them.


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