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Sorrow and hate!

Posted on Fri Aug 4th, 2017 @ 3:50am by Trinity Costa

Location: various
Timeline: current


Sitting in her quarters, her eyes having a far away look to them, Trinity was sipping Aldeberen whiskey. It was her first, on the rocks, and would be her last. Not much of a drinker unless partying, she mainly did it for flavor and relaxation. The computer chimed in.

"Incoming visual communication, marked personal."

Getting up from her super-comfy couch, Trinity casually walked over and hit the comm key, bringing up a free floating holographic screen. When it came up and cleared, opening the visual, she dropped her whiskey glass, the item splashing across the carpet as ice went everywhere and the glass itself tumbled under her coffee table. Before her, on screen, was Zyna. She had bruises, scrapes and cuts all over her face, bleeding from split lips and her nose. It was obvious that she had been beaten, and beaten badly, barely able to hold open her swollen eyes. The image panned back and two Orion males stood behind each shoulder of her manager.

"Well, well. Trinity Costa." Said the obvious leader.

Trinity immediately recognized Terlo, a one-time enforcer for a powerful clan within the Orion Syndicate. His metallic piercings and expensive hand made clothing showed he had moved up in his world. She said nothing, still looking at Zyna, with Terlo holding a blade to her throat while his companion held a blade in his hand, which he had resting on Zyna's left shoulder.

"It would seem that you have made several costly mistakes over the past few months," continued Terlo. "So, to make amends we will accept full payment for cargo lost, immediately, or you lose this fine, young Bajoran."

"When and where?" Trinity was asking this while observing Zyna, the pleading in her eyes to get her out of there.

"Sending coordinates," answered Terlo. "And, come unarmed." The transmission cut.

Trinity didn't even look at the mess on her floor, but immediately went into action, packing a small bag for herself and Zyna, then grabbing a full sized medpac. Leaving her quarters, moving briskly but not running, Trinity avoided everyone. No eye contact, no bumping folks while walking, just straight to her runabout Tri-me. Loading up and stowing the bags, she plopped into her pilot's seat and activated the engines, no pre-flight, requesting permission to depart from the tower. Permission was granted and within minutes she was zooming through space and headed for the outer markers. Once passed those she set for warp 5, and punched it.


Arriving at the coordinates approximately twelve hours later, Trinity saw a lone freighter sitting ahead of her. Her sensors showed no weaponry, but that did not mean there actually was none. If they were simply shut down and covered in pop-up turrets, the sensors would not know until it was too late.

"Nice of you to make it so promptly, Trinity." Terlo speaking, using an override to just chime into her ship. Something she would correct on the Peregrine when it was finally in her possession. However, now was not the time to think on that.

"Beam over, or airlock," Trinity was asking.


Trinity did not answer, instead piloting alongside the freighter and finding an airlock on the port side. Maneuvering for docking procedures she got the locks in place and heard the whoosh outside for the seal being set in place. Standing, still wearing her weapons, Trinity slapped the hatch release and stepped through as soon as it opened, the main airlock door sliding open for her.

The intercom sounded. "Cargo hold 1."

Making her way through the familiar confines of this freighter class, Trinity came upon the proper personnel door, it opening, with her stepping through. There, dead center of the empty hold were Terlo, his meathead, and her lover. The blood on Zyna's face had coagulated in the rivulets, which meant they had spared her any further violence while they waited for Costa to arrive. She got to within 20 meters.


She did.

"I thought I told you, no weapons." Terlo wiggled the knife under Zyna's chin, blade still right at her throat. "Lose them or lose her."

Without hesitation Trinity unbuckled her pistol rig and tossed it to her right, far out of immediate reach.

Terlo's smile grew, an arrogance in those eyes and that visage that was unmistakeable. "Very good. You do know how to listen."

The meathead spoke. "Where's the payment?"

"You heard him," said Terlo. "Where is it?"

Trinity kept a poker face, thumbing back over her shoulder. "On my ship. That many bricks of gold-pressed latinum isn't light, I can't just stroll around with it."

Terlo's head tilted slowly, not liking Trinity's tone. "Be careful how you speak to me. Respect, woman." He then got that vile smile back, that knowing look on his face. "But, we decided to take the payment in flesh." Without warning, no tell whatsoever, Terlo sliced Zyna's throat deeply, his companion switching his blade in his hand for stabbing downward, planting his weapon deep into the chest of Zyna. Terlo tapped his comm. "Transport, now!"

While he was calling for beaming, Trinity screamed, "No!" She ran forward and untied Zyna quickly, easing her to the floor and into her arms while she sat on her butt, the trachea spewing spittle and blood as Zyna tried to suck in air to no avail. Her body bucked with the dagger buried in her chest, her heart pierced, the body trying desperately to feed the oxygen carrier it so desperately needed. "Zyna! No! No, no, no!" She knew her friend and lover was gone, nothing to be done, so she sat there and rocked the dying woman, feeling her own torso starting to get wet with the blood loss that had soaked through Zyna's clothing and now reached hers. Trinity sobbed, her tears free-flowing, holding her mouth to the crown of Zyna's head, kissing it between sobbing out loud. She felt the body go slack, no more life, and she cried harder. Some 40 minutes passed as she cried herself out, taking in a large breath. A squeal began to build, within her in the back of her throat, and it grew in intensity until Trinity finally threw her head back and roared at the ceiling. "Aaaaaarrrgghhh!"

Breathing deeply, her sorrow now turned to rage, Trinity got up as she gently laid Zyna on the deck. She paced around the cargo hold screaming here and there at the top of her lungs, venting the rage that was trying to consume her, instead using it to stoke a fire within that would burn for the rest of her days. And, that meant for many centuries to come. Going back and dropping to her knees. "So sorry, Zyna. You didn't deserve this. I hope your Prophets can forgive me. I need this," Trinity explaining as she pulled the knife from the dead woman's chest. It had signs and symbols on it in regards to the clan Meathead had come from and she would use it to get on the inside. Setting the knife aside Trinity leaned in and kissed Zyna's forehead, brushing a lock of hair away from her face. "I will avenge you."

Sitting back on her heels Trinity then reached out and dabbed the first two fingers of each hand in Zyna's blood, then brought them to her face and used it like warpaint. Something she had learned from Native Americans on Earth when she went for sweat lodges. People were going to die, that was the point of the small ritual. Not for politics, not for wealth, not for power. This was revenge for the death of a loved one, a fight for survival, and only the strong would see it through. Done with that, Trinity went and donned her weapons, cleaning the knife she had taken and sticking it in her belt safely. One last look at Zyna, then she left the hold. Going throughout this ship Trinity hit every working computer, reading and committing to memory every detail that held merit. At one station on the bridge she tied her tricorder in with the mainframe, downloading hundreds of shipping coordinates, all Orion Syndicate. She was going to gut the bastards, a gaping wound they would take years to recover from. Had they just left her alone then none of this would have ever come to pass. Now, their folly would be their undoing.

Going down to engineering Trinity went to several consoles and tapped keys, the alert klaxon sounding as she began to overload the core. Zyna would get a decent cremation and be returned to the matter of the Universe she belonged to. Once the system was set for the overload Trinity smashed the consoles to bits and fired into them, making sure that once she warped out no one could stop the build up. Satisfied with that she then made her way back to her ship, closed it down and broke the dock. Hitting full impulse she let her ship zoom away while she set coordinates. Finished with the nav computer Trinity then called Surla, not explaining anything over voice comm, but telling her to meet Trinity at Blackstone, and to bring the Peregrine. When the Lady agreed, Trinity cut the transmission without announcing it, not in the mood to talk. Coordinates set, people contacted, Trinity jumped to warp 7.



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