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Posted on Wed Aug 16th, 2017 @ 9:24am by Cember

Location: station
Timeline: current

Cember stepped out of the air and looked around. Just your standard docking ring as far as the eye could see. He hit a button on his wrist comm and heard the lock on his ship engage. Time to have a look-see.

He made his way to the station proper, once again taking a moment to survey the land. Been a long time since he had stepped on to a facility of this size. He might have to do a bit of sight-seeing later. Right now, he need to get down to business.

It had been many years since he heard from her. She was Back to being called Trinity.. which was good. It suited her the best. He had been surprised when he received her message..


Cember-I need a mechanic.


-end message-

Same old Trin. Straight and to the point. But he knew, if she was calling him, then shit was going down. She was tough and damned good at what she did. If she wanted his assistance, she was out for blood.

He followed the directions from the computer and ended up at The 'Bliss'. " we are.." He said with a light chuckle to himself as he walked in. Checking his wrist comm, he found a living being behind the bar, ignoring the holos.

He stepped up and leaned on the bar, looking at the man." I'll take a root beer. And tell the boss someone is here for the bartender position."

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