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Just another day in the life

Posted on Wed Aug 23rd, 2017 @ 6:58am by Cember

Location: multiple
Timeline: current

When there human returned from the back, he told Cember that the boss was in a meeting. Cember could have been a shit but realized he was a couple days early." Um.." The guy said." I haven't heard anything about a bartending job.."

"She contacted me personally.." Cember said." I'm a specialist.."

The guy nodded and then his eyes widened." Oh....THAT king of specialist.."

Cember grinned." you're picking up what I'm putting down. I'll check back later." Cember finished his Root beer and left out.

He wandered around the station, making mental maps to this and that. He found all the good places to go..the ones off the main run. Stuff was usually better and better priced. Every where he went, he did not set off the alarms. He had a license to carry his side arms but concealed care was meant to keep people from knowing.

His pistols were of an older, pre-phaser design. They didn't show up as energy weapons because they were powered down. That was the beauty of rail-gun technology. And each carried 30 rails.. plus the extra mags, he had 120 shots in which he could use to change the outlook of the day.

As he mused, he heard a disturbance from around the corner. He continued on casually but stayed quiet. He came up on the three people and listened.

"Look..." Said the first guy." It is simple. You just keep all the other servers from coming near our table. You get a cut and we get to do business."

" She'll never figure it out.." Said the second guy." We've run this gig all over, none the wiser."

The girl let out a fearful sigh." I can't. She trusts us..." He could see now that the girl was wearing a 'Bliss' t-shirt.

"Well.." The first guy said, his voice turning more gruff." Either you do it, or we find another." He pulled a rather nice dagger from under his coat." But since we can't have you talking.."

Cember had seen and heard enough. He stepped up to the group casually." Better be careful there, Kid. Children aren't suppose to play with knives."

"Kid?.. F#$k You!"

"I'm feeling generous today.." Cember said, moving casually closer." So here is what's going to happen. First, you will leave the nice young lady alone. Second, you will NEVER confront her or any of the other person from the Bliss." He gave grin." And third, you forfeit the knife. "

" Who the hell are you?" The first guys said, stepping closer with the blade." This is none of your business.."

" Actually, it is." Cember said." I just can't stand it when two-bit criminals try to mess with the working class." He looked at the knife." Last chance. Walk away."

" How about I just stick ya here, let you bleed out.." The guy said, evil grin on his face.

"Yeah?" Cember said." We'll see about that.." And then the guy moved in..

Training and years of experience kicked in, Cember moving very fast for a large guy. With his left hand, he grabbed the knife for the criminal's hand, stabbing it into his buddy's side. Painful but not immediately lethal. With his right hand, he pulled one of his pistols, sticking it directly in the guy's face. It only took a second. The only sounds when the other guy's sharp inhale at being stabbed and the sound of a weapon signaling charged.

Cember cocked his head to the side, grinning." Well, that didn't work out the way you expected..." Both men were wide-eyed and speechless. Cember chuckled and continued on." Now, I know you boys are carrying your dope. A visit to the station security office would not go well for you."

" Wha..." The stabbed guy said, breathless." What do you want?"

Cember shrugged." I gave my terms." Just as quickly as before, the pistol went away and Cember pulled the knife from the second guy. He let out a muffled cry, hands going to his side." Now, do you agree to my terms, or does Poncho have to come back out?"

" We're..." The first guy said, looking at his friend. The friend nodded vigorously." We're good..."

Cember wiped the blade on the first guy's shirt and it disappeared into his coat." Excellent." He looked at them, death in his eyes." I see you around the Bliss again....I'll put you down." Both men gave nods and ran off.

" That.." Said the girl." Was totally cool!"

Cember smiled." Just another day in the life. Come on, I'll escort you to the Bliss. You owe me a drink."

The girl lead the way, sending messages excitedly to her friends from a mini-PADD. Cember just smiled and shook his head. At least he got the nice knife out of the deal. Once they arrived, she paid for his root beer and then disappeared into the back.

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Snippet: (Trinity) "I am the Alpha Female." :End snippet

Cember watched her leave and smiled. She still had a nice pair. And her lungs were still good too. He took a drink off his root beer and waited for them to give her the message...

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