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Posted on Fri Sep 1st, 2017 @ 11:57pm by Trinity Costa & Lady Surla

Location: Blackstone Mining Facility
Timeline: current


Trinity Costa sat in the main briefing room on the asteroid mining station known as Blackstone. It was buried deep within an asteroid field not too far from 249, still owned by several false names and therefore left alone by governments. It was in shambles these days, not having been used as the seat of Cabal power for many years now. That was about to change.

Stirring her cup of mint tea, the steam rising from the cup as she did so, Trinity's thoughts were far away, her mind working on a plan that included many facets. She had cleaned up the room as best she could without help, activated the life support and power, and sitting on the table before her was a piece of alloy dowling. It was roughly half a meter in length and fit perfectly in her hand like a baseball bat handle. Perfect for walking around with while making her points. The leaders of The Cabal would be here soon. The sound of a non-Federation transporter sounded and Trinity came to her feet, her right hand a blur as she drew her pistol and aimed it at the crimson transporter energy.

Surla materialised with two of her sentries, seeing Trinity holding a weapon aimed at her. "At least you haven't forgotten how to properly greet your guests," said Surla, no fear in her voice.

Trinity dropped her hand to her side, then holstered her weapon. "Be thankful your skin is not green." Coming around the table Trinity gave her sister a proper hug, one of sisterhood and warriors who had fought many battles together. "Your presence is a welcome one, Sister. As always."

"I would hope so," responded Surla. "Since your ship is out there parked next to mine. The Pair-of-grins, I believe you called it?"

Trinity gave a laugh, needing it. "No, not pair-of-grins, Surla. Peregrine. It's an Earth bird of prey. Sleek, fast, small and deadly. Like a Brel class Bird of Prey." Her face went serious again. "I need an engineering crew, Sister. Blackstone needs to be brought back online. And, to give your House ships practice this asteroid field is under independent jurisdiction and it needs to be patrolled and protected."

Surla, walking around and looking at the disarray. "My crew will take several days to get this installation in order. I hope you don't mind a few Klingon decorations?" She looked back at her friend.

Trinity grinned. "The Cabal has many species within it. But, Humans are the majority. Klingon architecture and technology is readily accepted. I need a docking bay cleared for Peregrine, as well."

Raising her left arm and tapping a symbol on her gauntlets Surla gave the orders to her crew. Once done she looked at her friend. "The border of this asteroid field is adjacent to that of House Surla. It will be protected by my House and my warriors."

Trinity gave a nod. The build-up had begun.


Several days went by while Surla's crew came and went in parties, repairing and maintaining the facility and all its technology. Shields, disruptor turrets, all docking bays and gangways, the works. One thing about Klingons was that they were not slackers when given orders, and they also knew once it was back up to par they would have another place to celebrate and rest after long patrols. In that time Trinity had contacted the leaders of the Cabal, telling them all to meet at Blackstone. It was not a request.

And, here they were. All of them assembled in the main briefing room. Trinity sat at the head of the table, a tactical map up on a screen behind her on the wall, showing strategic locations throughout the sector up to, and including, Blackstone. She had a pot of tea again, sipping from a cup as she leaned back in her chair with legs crossed at the thighs, not saying a word as they came in and assembled. Surla stood just behind Trinity's right shoulder with her two sentries posted near to the main exit. When one of the the guests asked what this was about Trinity would ignore them and continue to sip, and pour herself, tea. Surla would answer, saying that it was a mandatory meeting of the minds, but no details. Once they were all there, some of them leading agriculture colonies of thousands outside of UFP jusrisdiction, others who ran small starbases for independent business and starship maintenance, Trinity stood up and took her alloy dowling in hand. "Welcome to Blackstone. Some of you have been here before, and others have not. This was once the seat for Cabal interests...and, it will be again."

Norman Carson, a man who owned and ran an old starbase, looked to Trinity as she walked around the table, the alloy club set on her shoulder casually. "I was a young man last I saw this place. What is so important you had to drag me back to this insufferable hole?"

Trinity, having gone over the books for all the members of The Cabal, looked at Norman. "As you can see, Carson, Blackstone will rise again. There is a reason for this." In her research into the economic resources of The Cabal Trinity had noted that Norman Carson had incoming latinum that was unaccounted for, and he had paid his tribute on it. She did not discover this but Surla had, with a few accusations from other Klingons. That was the beauty of being in good with the Klingons, their Intelligence sources finding things the UFP never would simply due to cultural differences.

"Please, do tell," said Carson, the sarcasm not lost in his tone.

As Trinity had made her way around the table the first time, no one looked back over their shoulder, trusting her. Liam, the President of the Saints of Bliss MC (Merchants Club) kept an eye on everyone in the room, as much as Surla's guards did.

Starting her second circuit around the table, Trinity continued. "It is time we became legitimate." She said, still casually making her way around the table. "So, being there are so many Humans here, is anyone familiar with baseball?"

"A worthless sport," said Surla. "But, I am familiar with it. As a Klingon I prefer Rugby, or something just as violent and physical."

Trinity gave a grin, a slight shake of the head. "Of course you do, Sister. I only bring it up to make a point." She addressed the table again. "In baseball there are teams and without the team effort there is no victory. It matters not how many homeruns you score without a good defense, a team, backing you up and preventing the other side from gaining the advantage."

Everyone around the table made comments or gave grunts of agreement. Accept for Norman. He snickered and sneered. Trinity met Surla's eyes, the Klingon giving an ever-so-slight nod. Trinity continued her circuit, coming around behind Norman as she continued speaking. "So, what I am trying to say is that without the team no one wins. If you go out there and hit homeruns all day every day, thinking you can do it alone, you will fail and then the team loses." Again, there were nods and comments of agreement, and this time even Norman joined in.

Trinity got a two-handed grip on her alloy club and did an overhand swing straight to the back of Norman Carson's skull. The sickening thump was heard throughout the room, his head immediately hitting the table, while Trinity swung over and over again, cracking and crushing the cranium. His blood ran out over the table and dripped onto the floor near to his seat, several Cabal members wincing and avoiding looking at it. Finished, and sure Carson was dead, Trinity tossed the club onto the table while breathing heavily. The blood spatter and cast-off was all over the front of her. "I get nowhere unless the team wins," she said. "This petaQ betrayed us all, to the Orion Syndicate no less, and Zyna was killed for it. If you have dealings with the Syndicate I suggest you immediately rescind any and all dealings. This entire region and sector will be bereft of anything having to do with the O-S, do I make myself clear?"

Everyone nodded full agreement, while Liam sat over in his chair grinning. Surla hooked her thumbs in her belt, glad to see that Trinity was getting back to being strong and taking charge.

"At every turn," continues Trinity. "We will take them down, usurp what is theirs, and make it ours."

Liam chimed in. "You said we're going legit? How?"

"Surla, could you have some bekks clean that up?" Trinity motioned off-handedly to the corpse. "Stuff his arse down a replicator trash can." She then went back to her chair and took up a damp cloth she had had folded there, wiping the blood from her face and hands. "Liam, we are going to form the Cabal Confederacy. A mutual protection alliance. A legitimate government body that will work to be recognized by the UFP and others. Each colony and starbase will be an independent but also a part of the whole. And no, there will be no secessions. The Cabal has ran these places for decades, under the guise of happy colonies and better commerce. Now, it's time to pull together for mutual protection, defense, and diplomacy."

The table had become an uproar, and while they argued among themselves Trinity stepped out and to the lavatory, putting herself through a sonic shower to clean up. When she got back they were still arguing, and there were Klingons taking Carson's body away, wrapping him up in a plastic sheet.

"Enough!" Shouted Trinity. The room went quiet. "If you choose to not join the Confederacy then leave now. Just know that you are no longer a member of The Cabal, and we will take into consideration any alliances you wish to form." She looked to the Saints President. "Liam, I want Blackstone to be the base of operations for the Saints. Get your people trained up in all facets. We need soldiers, engineers, science specialists, medical--you name it."

One of the colony administrators spoke up. "My colony has that in droves, Trinity. I'll have them decide who wants to volunteer, then send them here for indoctrination." A few more colony leaders said the same.

"You have my thanks, all of you." Trinity felt relief for the first time since Zyna had died in her arms. "The trick will be to get long established governments to see us as a legitimate government of our own. But, if the Nyberrite Alliance can do it, so can we."

Surla stepped up next to Trinity. "I am being considered for the Ambassador to this region. The High Council is deciding who best to send. Since I am already here and know the politics better than most the Chancellor seems to agree. Establish this group and I will speak for you among my people, ambassador or not."

Trinity gave the warriors handshake to Surla. "Qapla', Sister." She looked to the others. "We will all communicate and work out the particulars, then decide on a leader and what their title shall be..."

"Trinity Costa," said Liam. "That's my vote. What you call yourself is up to you."

All around the table the others agreed.

Giving a sigh Trinity closed her eyes a moment and shook her head before looking at the assembled. "Great. Run all my shit AND the Confederacy. Okay, smart asses, what should I be called? President, Chancellor, Prime Minister...what?"

"Queen Bitch, maybe?" Liam chuckled after he said it. Everyone got a chuckle out of it, even Surla.

Surla clapped a solid hand down on Trinity's shoulder. "I say chancellor. That way, you can have a Vice-Chancellor to oversee what needs to be done when you are busy."

Trinity gave a few nods. "Chancellor it is then. Keep this on the down-low, for now. Liam, you are my Vice-Chancellor. I need someone who knows the shipping lanes and the contacts within the merchant communities. Once we establish our rules of conduct and how we will operate in such a manner, the criminal side kept below the belt as always, then we'll announce it to the galaxy. But...we secure this small region for us, five light years in every direction. Surla," she looked over at her friend. "We need your patrol ships more than ever. Secure Blackstone, please. It will be the first act of alliance between our respective governments."

"Done," said Surla.

Liam tilted his head and looked at Trinity. "Don't tell me--uniforms?"

"For those in the military, yes," replied Trinity. "I will be active service while Chancellor. Like the Klingons our leaders will be worthy of combat. And, I do have a uniform in mind. All leather, black, with insignia and such where appropriate. If an alliance with the UFP becomes a reality I am hoping that Confederate forces can serve among them, whether their facilities or not."

The meeting went several more hours while they discussed particulars, then it finally broke up, everyone looking positive about the change. Trinity had ran everything thus far, the entirety of The Cabal, so the other leaders just saw this as a next step. It was no different and business, which they were worried about, would continue as usual. No harm, no foul. Surla took Trinity with her as she headed for the docking bay housing the landed Brel class SS Peregrine. Soon enough it would be CSS Peregrine. They ascended the personnel ramp as Surla gave her the guided tour.



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