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Arriving home

Posted on Mon Sep 4th, 2017 @ 7:58pm by Trinity Costa

Location: various
Timeline: current


With eleven crew members taken from the Saints Merchant Club, Trinity's Brel class Bird of Prey dropped from warp outside the perimeter markers. She sat in the center seat, which was a raised platform over her crew down in the pit.

"Trinity, we've reached the outer markers."

"All stop," ordered Trinity. "Open a channel." When she got the thumbs up she spoke. "Starbase 249 this is the SS Peregrine requesting permission to approach and dock within a bay. Acknowledge."

"This is 249. One moment while we check your identification." A couple of minutes went by. "Verified as an independent vessel, SS Peregrine. Be prepared for a health and safety inspection upon landing. You may proceed."

Trinity herself cut off the transmission, and then said, "Thank you." Standing up and stretching a few moments. "You heard the man, let's park. Take the vector and proceed according to their directives. Engage."

The helm did as instructed. These were Saints, merchants from the Cabal. Though they knew ship systems well they were not soldiers, despite knowing how to defend themselves, and Trinity would need a permanent crew. The automation system would work for her singularly, but if they went into combat and the system got damaged then she would be dead in the water, with no control, while her enemies boarded or simply destroyed her. The colony Wayfar had a trained militia for both space and planetary engagements, freighters and runabouts that had been converted to military use. Her pilot gracefully flew the Peregrine to its intended landing bay, entering and then spinning around to face outward before settling on the landing struts.

"Good work, Helm," said Trinity. "Shut down and put the ship on standby. Lower the ramp." Turning from her bridge Trinity stepped off the command deck and made her way through the ship. Seeing the exit she went down the ramp to the deck below, looking back over her shoulder. The BoP looked epic, like a living bird of prey sitting on its legs with wings spread and ready to lift off again. Turning her face forward and continuing to walk on Trinity had to ask herself; is this my destiny? Unlike Starfleet the Cabal forces would be a military with a focus on exploration, aid to others, and defense. A military, not a peace keeping force. Yes, they would aid in maintaining peace if and when the UFP and others recognized them as a government, but if peace is not the answer then the military would do what it needed for victory...period.

There was a lot on her mind and Trinity walked through the station casually, getting to her 'neighborhood' and walking along the promenade. Vendors and business owners gave her greetings, which she returned in various ways until she finally arrived at the main entrance to Bliss. Stepping within she steeled herself, the empty spot Zyna always seemed to occupy at the bar now filled with her holographic butler/assistant HANS. Trinity gave him a nod, then pointed to her private niche. "I'll be doing books, so keep my visitors minimal, Hans."

"Of course, Trin."

"Thank you." Reaching her destination Trinity activated the sound dampeners and shaded forcefields to give her seclusion from the patrons. Her PADDs were in their slot, so she pulled them out, input her codes, then set to work.



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