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Only cops and admirers

Posted on Tue Sep 5th, 2017 @ 1:13am by Cember

Location: Bliss
Timeline: current

Cember wandered into the Bliss in the late afternoon for a beverage. He spent the day doing a little investigating on the two ghetto creepers he had dealt with a couple of days before. He had plans for those boys... plans the wouldn't like. He saw the shields down on a corner booth and smiled. Only one person currently alive used that. He moved up to the bar and was about to order when the young waitress he saved came up." Hey! There's my hero."

Cember has since learned her name and he turned and smiled." Katie... I told you, hero is not a good word to describe me."

" I don't care.." Katie said with a grin." You're stuck with it."

Cember sigh." Your world.. I just live in it."

She plopped on the stool next to him." I'm on break. But you probably know that."

" I pay attention.." He said with a wink." Can have something happen to someone I took my time to save." He flagged over the tender and ordered his usual root beer.

" So..." Katie said." You don't drink?"

"Nope." He said." Better in my line of work to be in control at all times."

" And the coat?" She asked." You always wear it."


"Always armed?"


" And the vest?" She continued." You always.."

Cember looked over." You have a badge or something?"

"" Katie said, blinking." Just curious.."

" Only cops.." Cember said with a smile." And admirers ask so many questions."

Katie's face reddened a little." Well.. um.."

"Look.." Cember said." I appreciate the attention. You're a good looking girl and have a sweet personality. But people like me are no good for you."

" I know I'm younger.." She said." But I am an adult.."

Cember chuckled." Sweety...I'm a lot older than you think. " He brushed some hair out of her face." And like I said, you don't wanna throw in with the likes of me." He waved over the tender again." I need a mug of Ronmulan Ale with a shot of Sorian Brandy floated on top."

" Sir," The tender said." We do not.."

Cember held up his hand." I know its not on the menu but I know you have it. I've known the boss a long time."

The tender considered for a moment then nodded, heading to the back. He returned quickly with the frosted mug and floated the shot on top. Cember paid for the drink then put it on the tray in front of Katie." Alright, I would like you to take this over there to your boss. She'll know who its from." He smiled." Back in the day, this is what we drank when we just wanted to be drunk."

Katie giggled." Okay..." She jumped off the stool and took up the tray. She gave Cember a wink then headed for the private booth. Cember gave a light chuckle then returned to his root beer as he waited.

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