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Posted on Mon Oct 30th, 2017 @ 6:49pm by Captain Marcab Strongfellow & Commander Mikayla O'Dell M.D & Lieutenant Commander Sara McKlusky & Lieutenant Marduk "Duke"

Location: Deck 83 - Medical Facility
Timeline: Current

Marcab lays in the recovery room still unconscious. Every so often he makes a sound or mutters a word that is just loud enough to be audible by the human ear.

Duke, having done his rounds and checking stat boards, stood near to the small nurses station in the ICU. Keeping O'Dell and Strongfellow isolated was high on his list of priorities. Hearing the moaning he went over and glanced inside. Seeing Marcab he noted the rapid eye movement and the mumbling. "Nurse," he said, turning his face toward the station. "Check the Commander's vitals and keep him comfortable. Check O'Dell and make sure she is fine, as well. Check them for dehydration."

"Aye, Sir." The nurse got up and began to do her job.

"I could use some fresh water," Mikayla says to the nurse and waits until the nurse leaves to get her water. She slips out of bed and tiptoes out of her room. Creeping past the nurses' station is the tricky part but she manages to make it past undetected and slips into Marcab's room. She pulls a chair next to his bed and sits down taking his hand. "I'm here, baby," she whispers. "You need to wake up now."

Duke, passing by the CO's room, saw Mikayla. His first instinct is to say something, but after a moment of seeing the Doctor talking to Marcab, decides to let it go. Perhaps her voice would bring the man back from the abyss of unconsciousness. "Mikayla," says Duke as he enters and stands in the doorway. "Keep talking to him. Let him know he is not alone and we're all here waiting for him to wake." Having done what he could, Duke leaves the room and gives them time alone.

Mikayla lifts Marcab's hand to her lips and kisses it, then rests her cheek against it as her other hand Stokes his hair. "Come on, my love. Please wake up. You're all I've got. I need you. 249 needs you. Please come back to me," she whispers as her eyes fill with tears.

Marcab's hand twitches just slightly. He mutters a single word, barely audible, "Anthony."

Mikayla frowns, then looks across the bed and through the glass door towards the nurses' station. Seeing Duke talking to one of the nurses she gets up and walks to the door. Sticking her head out she says, "Duke. He's not comatose. He's dreaming."

Drifting down the corridor Ted smiled to see Mikayla head popping out of Marcab's room, of course she was up and in his room.

"Morning", he said pleasantly as he announced his arrival and seeing Marcabs latest medical results at the station on a display stepped over and flicked quickly through a couple of the reports then joined in the conversation. As he was not part of the starbases medical department and at best could be only considered a medical science consultant or emergency alternative regardless of his qualifications then he could only make suggestions to those who were. Mikayla status was at present patient but Dr. Marduk as the attending doctor had all the authority that was required. Ted had been a CMO. previously on a star carrier so it was habitual for him to offer a diagnosis and treatment plan "Dreaming you say, medical readings look promising and you seem to be recovering fine as you're up and about, out of your bed no less checking on our commanding office no less", this last bit he said in a mildly tut tuting but teasing tone. "Perhaps the cortical stimulator to help him raise his awareness. I think what you both need is getting up and about, under observation and nothing too strenuous is my recommendation", looking from Mikayla to Marduk.

Duke stood silent a few moments, digesting all of what was said in so quick a manner. Blinking for dramatic, humorous effect, he then gave a smile. "Everything he said." Coming out with a chuckle as he closed it down. "Apologies, Doctor, was not trying to insult. We can try the CorStim. I'm not opposed so much as I am a proponent of letting the brain recover in its own way, without any outside stimulation. But, he is our CO here and we do need his leadership."

Mikayla walks back over and sits down, taking Marcab's hand in hers. The physician in her fights against the woman, desperate for the love of her life to open his eyes and be alright. "A comatose brain doesn't dream," she says, finally. "Look at his eyelids. He's in REM sleep. He was calling out the name of his brother who was KIA. CorStim won't work." She looks at Duke then at Ted. Shaking her head she snaps, "am I the only doctor in the room? 5 CCs Formazine, IV."

Ted shrugged with a slight smirk while thinking, no ma'am you're not the only doctor here but you are the chief doctor as he saw that familiar determination she had come to the forth, another good sign she was well on her way to being fully recovered.

Since no one moves toward the door, Mikayla scowls, gets to her feet, holds her gown shut in the back with one hand and says, "no. Don't anyone move. I'll get it myself," her words dripping with sarcasm.

Duke stepped in front of Mikayla. "I don't think so, Doctor. Currently, you are a patient, and therefore have no rhyme or reason to be inducing meds into a patient of mine. SIT DOWN! We will determine when he is ready for any form of medication, capiche?"

Mikayla, surprised by Duke's tone, sits back down and looks up at Duke. "He's stuck, Duke. In a dream about his dead brother. That's not a good place for him. Please....he needs help," she says, pleadingly, tears threatening to spill. She fights them back and says, "please, Duke."

Marduk looked into the eyes he trusted, then gave a sigh and shook his head. "Alright, alright. I will allow you to administer to Marcab. I am wary, but you know him better than most, Mikayla. Go ahead."

Mikayla looks past Duke at the nurse lingering behind him and Ted and says, "bring me 5 CCs Formazine," and when the nurse disappears Mikayla says to Duke, "unless you give me a more substantial reason than you being wary, I am going to administer the mild stimulant and wake him up. Wary is not a medical diagnosis, Doctor Marduk."

Ted hovered in the background, while it had been an emergency situation previously he'd been free to act or at least it justified his actions but in these situations he was limited to a consulting role and he chose to remain silent as it became awkward keeping his demeanour neutral.

Duke held his tongue. Arguing now would do the patient no good.

The nurse returns to the room with the IV syringe and walks over to the bed. With a nod from Mikayla, she administers the mild stimulant into Marcab's IV infuser then discards the syringe and makes a note in the patient's chart before leaving the room.

Mikayla picks up Marcab's hand and kisses his fingertips. "Come on, my love. Wake up," she says softly.


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