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What Honor Requires

Posted on Sat Nov 25th, 2017 @ 8:15am by Lieutenant Joz'ec Sloan
Edited on on Sat Nov 25th, 2017 @ 6:30pm

Location: USS Doradus
Timeline: Current


"Faster, Gandran! If you don't close this link soon, I won't be able to suppress the redundant security measures." Joz'ec jumped up, moving quickly from his crowded console to a cabinet on the other side of the room. He opened it as fast as he could and began searching through dozens of PADDs, some Starfleet, some Klingon.

"Joz'ec? Joz'ec, are you there!?!" Gandran frantically called for his brother, but Joz'ec continued searching silently.

"Where is that damned," just then he found what he was searching for: an old, damaged Klingon PADD. A smile on his face, he walked quickly back to his console and began entering a complex code sequence. "Yes, Gandran, I'm here. I remembered mother took some old access codes from Uncle Mol'dec when we left Nanchek. Some of these sequences look familiar. If I'm right, this code should give you a little more time in these god forsaken computer. Not much, but hopefully enough...." Before he could finish a bright blue light flashed across the screen.

"Did you see that too, Joz'ec?"

"Yes I did." Joz'ec's eyebrows began to tense as he searched through the decades old file for some explanation. After a few minutes of silence, he heard Gandran hit his console. "Calm down, I don't think its a concern. That was simply an indicator of a shift in the system access inhibitor. Try
the access codes that old drunk gave you." He was no where near sure of what he'd told Gandran, but he knew his brother needed to hear something. Gandran was not made for the situation he was in. He was not a spy and, at his heart, not a hunter. Gandran lacked what Joz'ec had always had in abundance: an unending drive.

"Alright, I'm entering them now."

"Where are K'droth and J'mtok?" He had not heard his cousins' voices in some time. Such was the way of a Wamwl, but those two were never silent for so long.

"They are with the others in the main corridor. We're not alone, here, Joz'ec. That old fool lied to us. There are no ships in orbit and no major installations on this damned rock but there are at least fifty warriors here." Joz'ec was quite confused. Why on earth would fifty Klingon warriors be stationed on a forgotten moon lightyears from Quo'nos. It had no practical value to anyone...unless he they were there to retrieve the very information Gandran was.


"Indeed. Alright, I think this is it what we're looking for." Suddenly Gandran fell silent and as he began reading, Joz'ec knew that he had stumbled on much more than intended.

"Gandran, is that it?" He checked his burgeoning anxiety as his brother looked at him with a cold stare.

"Did we do what this file says we did?"

"Gandran, is that what Grandfather sent you to retrieve?"

"Answer my question, Cosmo."

"Gandran, is that what Grandfather sent you to retrieve?"

"Damn it, Cosmo, answer me!"

"Gandran, we don't have time for this. Download the data and clear the system. And when you do that, get the fuck out of there and destroy that base. You don't have a choice here and this is no time for questioning how we've gotten to this point. You're here, now follow orders." He leaned back in his seat, staring coldly into his brother's eyes until Gandran relented. This discussion was not over, Gandran had found cracks in the family's honor and Joz'ec knew his brother would never relent until he found out just what had caused them.

There were a few more minutes of silence as Gandran wiped the system. He would occasionally look up to Joz'ec, always with that same cold, angry stare but Joz'ec never responded. But in his head he was frantically trying to think of what his brother found. There were too many possibilities for any to stand out above the rest. So much of General K'droth's rise to power had been ugly and too much of it had involved both Joz'ec and his mother...and far too much of it had been kept secret from Gandran. That's why it was crucial to get everything they could from that base back to Nancheck and leave nothing for the enemies of the house to find.

"Its done."

"Good, now, there's one more thing I need..." before he could finish, J'mtok ran through the doors, disruptor fire blaring in the background.

"We have to go...NOW." J'mtok nodded to the screen before grabbing Gandran's PADD. Gandran got up quickly and stood next to J'mtok, both disappearing in a fury of red before Joz'ec could say anything more. He turned to the back of the room, a rare worried stare upon his face. It was only a few moments before he heard explosions and then, suddenly, the connection was broken and the Federation's seal flashed across the screen. He nodded to himself a few times.

"Is that a good sign," a voice from the back shadows asked.

"Very, Captain, its a very good sign. They've blown up the base. Even if they didn't get everything, no one else certainly will. Joz'ec sat in silence for a few moments before another hail came through. He let out a deep sigh when he saw Gandran's and his cousins' faces on the bridge of a Klingon cruiser.

"Were you concerned, Lieutenant?" K'droth asked with a sneer. Joz'ec didn't acknowledge his cousin and began hitting a few buttons on the console.

"I've transmitted the next set of coordinates. Follow the course I've laid in for you. It'll take your through the territory of some unfriendly Houses but if you remain at high warp, you shouldn't attract too much attention." Gandran nodded and looked at the course plan.

"So we'll contact you once we pass Nancheck?"

"No, from here you report directly to Grandfather." The cousins looked at each other and then back to Joz'ec. Joz'ec had spent months guiding them to the secrets of the House of K'Droth and its enemies, helping them to organize the final push that would secure his family a seat on the High Council. And with Starfleet Intelligence now aiding them, everyone was left confused as to why he would back out now.

"What?" asked Gandran.

"I won't have the sort of security on Starbase 249 as I do aboard the Doradus. And your final tasks involve information far beyond my time and..." before Joz'ec could finish an officer appeared on his cousins' ship and tapped K'droth. After speaking with the man for a few moments, he returned.

"I'm afraid we have to go, Cousin. We can't continue to surpress the signal from this distance." Joz'ec nodded. "I understand. Qapla'!" The three returned the well wishes and the screen went black again.

"So, what now." The figure in the shadows emerged as Joz'ec stood and moved toward the door. It was Captain Brooks, commanding officer of the Doradus and a long time friend and mentor to Joz'ec. "Well, the first thing is to purge all of this from the computer core. I don't trust the security protocols we used." The Captain nodded before the two left the room, sealing it behind them.

"Do you think this will all be successful? Starfleet is taking an enormous risk backing your Grandfather. And if he wasn't so against expansion into the Romulan Empire, we wouldn't be doing it at all."

"I know that, Captain. This was the right decision. And after what they just destroyed and what they're going to retrieve, I think the path to the Capital is clear for the General." The Captain nodded.

"So, three days before you take your new post, hmm? I am very excited to see what you do away from the gun posts." The two laughed at the notion, but Joz'ec now quite as heartily as the Captain. The idea of being in a non combat orient road still made him unsteady, but he had only three days to adjust himself to the idea...


Lt. Joz'ec Sloan
Head of Strategic Operations
Starbase 249


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