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Waking up

Posted on Wed Dec 6th, 2017 @ 5:02pm by Captain Marcab Strongfellow & Commander Mikayla O'Dell M.D

Location: Deck 83 - Medical Facility
Timeline: Current

Marcab finally awakes after days of being unconscious. As he wakes, he says in a low voice "Where am I?"

Mikayla has been napping with her head on Marcab's hand. As he stirs she begins to wake up then he speaks and her eyes open and she raises her head. While holding his hand with one of hers she places her other hand on his forehead. "It's OK, sweetheart. You're in the Wards," she says, softly, finding it hard to contain her joy.

The pulsating tone on the monitor showing his EEG picks up in frequency as Marcab's brainwaves increase. A few seconds later a nurse steps into the room...sees the patient is awake...nods to Mikayla and heads back to the nurse's station to page the doctor on call.

"What happened?" he asks Mikayla.

"We were infected by the Tracken," Mikayla says softly. "It effected our brains somehow. I'm still trying to sort all that out. Neurology is not my specialty for a reason," she says with a grin, hoping to lift his spirits a little. "Somehow we were infected during our first encounter a couple years ago. The whatever it was lay dormant in our brains until this last encounter. Then is was....for a better word....awoken. It rendered us both unconscious. Drs. Marduk and Darkron were able to neutralize it and bring us out of our comatose states. You...for some reason...stayed in REM sleep and wouldn't wake up until I took drastic measures and administered a stimulant." Her hand squeezes his as she leans over and looks into his eyes. "Do you remember your dreams?" she asks, softly.

"Unfortunately." Marcab tells her. "It was more like a nightmare that I had to re-live over and over again." He then looks into her eyes, smiles and says "But I am glad that you are here. Everything is better now."

Mikayla looks at him, skeptically. "Right," she says just as the on call doctor arrives and Mikayla sits back down, letting go of Marcab's hand and folding her arms across her chest. "He's all yours, Doctor," she says.

Dr. Brinley raises an eyebrow at the two and decides not to fuel the obvious fire that is brewing in the Director of Medicine. He turns his attention to his patient and as he checks Marcab's monitors he says, "I'll assume Dr. O'Dell has given you a rundown on what has been going on with you. Can you tell me what the last thing you remember is?"

"I was walking out of a briefing in regards to the creature on the planet, then I awoke here." Marcab answers. Marcab begins to feel antsy around the doctor, despite dating a doctor he has never really liked being a patient of any kind, and starts to shift in his bed trying to hide his discomfort.

No matter how hard she tries to stay mad at this man she finds it impossible. Seeing his discomfort, Mikayla moves her chair back over and takes his hand in hers, giving it a gentle squeeze. "It's Ok," she whispers and smiles at him.

"Uh huh," Brinley says as he reads over Marduk's notes. "So you have no memory of getting called to the ER when Dr. O'Dell was brought in?" he asks, looking over the top of his glasses at Marcab.

"Now that you mention it, I think I do." Marcab answers. He hangs his head down and says, "Please forgive me, my memories are still a mess. My dreams and reality seem to have combined and I am not sure what is what at the moment." He then looks over at his lovely fiance and says, "Can you ever forgive me for not protecting you all those years ago?"

Mikayla smiles. "You did protect me," she says. "If you hadn't shoved me out of the way I would have been Tracken fodder." Then she chuckles. "And it all those years ago was only a couple of years." She looks up at Brinley and says, "his memories must really be scrambled."

"That's to be expected," Brinley says. "The synapses that connect the conscious from the subconscious were reconfigured." He looks at Marcab and says, "your surgeons were able to remove the infected tissue but it will take time for them to regenerate completely. So some memories....even time...may be effected. Your dreams may also be effected, since they come from your subconscious. They may be more vivid...even jumbled. Psychologically you will probably experience some buried emotions and memories to surface. But, remember....this is only going to be temporary and will subside with time. I am going to make appointments for both of you to see Dr. Tyler."

Mikayla frowns. Counseling was not a favorite thing. She had always prided herself in being able to work through her "stuff" on her own.

Brinley sees Mikayla's frown and smiles. "Not a fan?" he asks. "Physicians rarely are," he chuckles. "But it can help."

"I haven't experienced any of that," Mikayla says.

"And you may not. From Dr. Marduk's report your infection was located more in the part of your brain that deals with communication. That's why you were, subconsciously, communicating with the pregnant creature. He was able to remove the infection without disturbing any of the synapses." He looks back at Marcab. "Are you experiencing any change in your vision, headache, dizziness, ringing in the ears?" he asks, using a penlight to check the reaction of Marcab's pupils.

"At the moment, I mostly feel good." Marcab answers. He looks at the doctor and asks, "When can I get back to work?" He then adds, "I have a station to run and people depending on us."

Brinley makes a sound like a klaxon. "Wrong answer," he says with a smirk. "The key word I heard was "mostly". That's not good enough."

Mikayla places her hand on Marcab's shoulder and smiles at him, lovingly. "Babe...if you don't answer the doctor's questions honestly he can't help you," she says. She looks up at Brinley. "I'm sorry, Tom. He doesn't like doctors that much," she says apologetically.

Dr. Brinley nods and smiles. "I get that. But I can't release him back to full duty if I think he isn't ready." He looks back at Marcab. "CO or not." He put his penlight back in his labcoat pocket and says, "the fact that you avoided my specific questions causes me concern. I am guessing you are experiencing one or more of the symptoms I listed. And since you haven't been ambulatory I will take a guess that it has something to do with your vision or maybe ringing in your ears. Therefore I am going to order a CT scan for this afternoon. Once I am confident that there is nothing concerning I will revisit the release issue. So for now...bathroom privileges only with assistance and I suggest you get some rest." He signs the chart and hands it to the nurse then leaves.

Under her hand Mikayla can feel the muscles in Marcab's shoulder tense and quiver. She tightens her hold on his hand and shoulder and smiles, warmly, at him. "Calm down, sweetheart. He's just trying to be thorough. If you were my patient I would say the same thing. I haven't been cleared for duty either. So I will be right here with you. You aren't going to be alone. We're in this together." She stands up and leans over, kissing his forehead. She knows he is fighting to control his emotions....she can feel it. So she climbs in bed next to him and slips her arm around him as the nurse leaves the room and pulls the privacy door shut.

He turns his face towards Mikayla, kisses her forehead and says in a playful manner, "And doctors are never wrong and always know best." He pauses a moment, trying to calm down with Mikayla next to him. "I know he means well and it's his job to be overly cautious, but damn it I hate this. I have had enough rest to last me a long time." He takes a deep breath and says, "It's even more aggravating because I know he might be right."

Mikayla traces his cheek with the tips of her fingers then cups her hand against his cheek. "Most of us are right most of the time," she says with a smile. "I know I was right about one thing....falling in love with you," she kisses his chin and holds him close so that their heart beats almost synchronize. "Now....we have a good three hours before they come with with the CT scanner....sooooo.....what say we find a way to relax you?" she says, playfully and pulls the covers over both of their heads.

Marcab smiles and says, "Sounds good to me."

Three and a half hours later a CT tech comes in with the halo scanning device to find two people sleeping soundly in one bed. He looks at the nurse who has followed him in and she smiles and winks. He shrugs and walks over to the bed and gently taps Marcab on the shoulder. When he doesn't get a response he shrugs again and places the halo over Marcab's head, runs his scan then removes it and slips out of the room, undetected, while the nurse turns off the lights and closes the privacy door.

===Next Morning===

"Eh hem!" Dr. Brinley says, loudly, noticing the two untouched breakfast trays. "Anyone here care to be discharged? This isn't a motel, you two. We have sick people that need the bed," he jokes.

Mikayla opens her eyes and stretches, almost falling out of the twin sized bed. "Oh...Tom....I'm sorry."

Marcab slowly opens his eyes, looks at Dr. Brinley and says, "You know I would be more than happy to have a doctor take care of me in my quarters."

Mikayla pokes Marcab in the ribs to shush him. "Are you saying we are both clear for discharge?" she asks.

"I am," Brinley answers. He looks at Marcab, "you latest CT scan shows no damage to your synapses. may experience a little vertigo and some emotional differences for a case scenario...a week, maybe two. Worst case...a month. The brain is still a mystery to us. Like I said....I am going to refer you both to Counselor Tyler. As for follow up...," he looks at Mikayla and grins with a wink, "I think I can turn that over to you."

Mikayla blushes. "Yes," she says and tosses the covers off. "Thank you, Tom."

"You are quite welcome," Brinley says, turns and makes his exit.

Mikayla turns and looks at Marcab as she gets out of the small one person bed and stretches out her stiff muscles. "Ready to go home?" she asks.

"Yes" Marcab answers.


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