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Director Leaving

Posted on Sat Dec 9th, 2017 @ 2:34am by Captain Marcab Strongfellow & Chief Petty Officer Serena Reed

Location: Deck 12-13 - Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Current

Marcab finally back to work after his ordeal with the Trackken, sits behind his desk going over the piles of information and reports that haven't been reviewed yet. He still feels tired after his ordeal and thinks he must look terrible, suddenly CPO Reed enters. Marcab looks up, "Yes chief."

She looks at the CO and tells him in a joyful tone and with a look of relief on her face, "Captain it is nice to have you back. You gave us a scare." She then changes her tone to a more professional one and states, "Dr. Darkron is here to see you."

Marcab smiles and tells her, "Please send him in." As CPO Reed begins to exit, Marcab says, "Oh and chief, thank you."

CPO Reed smiles and without turning around tells CAPT Strongfellow, "Just don't let it happen again."

Marcab laughs.

CPO Reed approaches Dr. Darkron and tells him, "Sir the captain is expecting you. You may go right in."

Entering the office it was with a mixture of relief to see Marcab up and about or at least on the way to recovering though he was sure a certain Chief of Medical would have a thing or two to say about him resuming full duties even if that was contrary to her also not being prepared to take her own advice, perhaps it was one of the many things the pair shared, still he wished them well.

Looking around the room from where he stood just within the door way, knowing this would be the last time a brief sigh escaped his lips before he presented himself before the Captain of Stabase 249.

"You're looking well but I hope you take it easy, you've been through a lot", a hint of concern in his tone. The padd seem to weigh heavy in his hand but without further adieu he placed it before the other man. Its contents were straight forward enough, it was his resignation to the Federation Science Council, effective immediately. The rest of the information within was straight forward enough as well, he was following the medical science and that meant there was an opportunity and a need elsewhere in the quadrant and as irony would have it, it would lead to him donning the teal coloured uniform once more at his new posting.

Ted waited while Marcab read through the details, he'd made friends here and laid some roots down but he knew in his heart it was the right time for him, still he would miss them.

Marcab read the PADD. He looks up at the man before him, a trusted comrade and great scientist, he asks with a tone of disbelief "You sure this is what you want?"

It was a good question, one he had to pause before replying. He'd asked himself when he heard of the opportunity, was this the right thing to do and so he'd tossed the idea around and around in his mind and come to his present decision.

"I think it is, where I'm going they have a high incidence of prosthetic replacement and it will afford me the opportunity to help there and continue my research on cellular rejection of artificial replacements. SB 249 has a great medical team, it's the best in the sector. I'm going where I'm needed", a frown crossed his brow, "However I need to go now, there's a starship due to pull out within the hour and I've a few connecting ships to make before I get to my assignment, so no time for farewells. The Science Council will send a replacement in due course".

Ted composure remained calm but goodbyes sent a melancholy feeling through him, "Captain....Marcab.., it's been an honour to serve with you and the family of SB 249. I wish you all well and I expect an invite if there are wedding bells in the future for you good sir", Ted's brow arched mischievously as he offered his hand.

Marcab stands up and extends his hand in a motion to shake the other man's hand. He tells him, "Ted it has been my honor as well to serve with you. I wish you well in all your future endeavors." Pausing for just a moment, he then states "Starbase 249 will miss you and all the hard work you helped us accomplish."

The handshake was strong the grip firm, one borne of shared experiences, his smile and then they parted and he turned and left. The door to the commanding officer of SB249 closing behind him one last time, through the Operations Center, nodding to familiar faces as he went trekking along just as familiar pathways, including frequent haunts, one of note was the Pirates Cove and its owner the entrepreneur Frank O'Connell, a half smile forming, the man had great alcohol, soe of the best he'd ever enjoyed and the next day regretted he'd stayed for that extra drink or three.

Too soon he was at the docking port but waiting for him was the ever impeccably presented Naomi Ngatai, of course she knew he was leaving, she knew everything that came to him in his role as the director, he would dearly miss her as he stopped and prepared to say goodbye however she had the first word, "Ted I've upgraded your passage for the various accommodation you will be travelling on and changed some of the carriers as some of the selection choices were questionable. All of them are commercially run as opposed to Starfleet since you are now officially back to duty Lieutenant Commander or..", seeing Ted tense at the mention of his old rank, "..Doctor but there were no available Starfleet ships for where you going at this time. In any case have a good trip....and I'll see you when I get there".

Teds eyes widened in surprise, "Pardon", looking confused, "Have you signed up?" A smile greeted him, "No not my thing but the Science Council has more than one office and that's where I going too soon so I'll be following"

"That's great!", Ted blurted as Naomi had become more than a colleague she had become a trusted friend and sometimes confidante.

"Anyway..", she continued, "Stay out of trouble until I arrive and try not to get into any emotional entanglements, at least until I get there, hmm".

Immensely happy at the new turn of events, "I didn't here did I?", Ted feeling a little got at.

Naomi gave him the look, "Considering your bout in space with pirates then down on the planet dealing with those nasty Tracken, you've had little time to but you have a kind heart Ted, the kind that can get you into trouble so be safe"

Ted straightened and looking a little contrite but still smiling, "Yes Naomi I will do as you say".

"Good", she said, "Now on your way doctor, I have other more important business to attend to".

Ted reached forward and hugged Naomi lifting her into the air, she initially resisted but went with it in the end as he let her down a few seconds later, "Yes Naomi I'll try to be safe".

The passenger starliner pulled away from the Stardock class station impulse drive flaring, standing on one of the many observation decks he like some of the other passengers watched the starbase shrink the further away they got second by second along with the planet it watched over Oraxas. Ted was close to the large viewing port and reached out with his hand, his fingers gently touching the transparent surface, his hands seeming to touch Starbase 249, "Good journey..", staying there until he could see the starbase no more.


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