The Klingons are coming

Posted on Sat Dec 23rd, 2017 @ 10:50pm by Lady Surla

Location: various
Timeline: current


Lady Surla sat in her command chair aboard her advanced D-7 Class. The ship was quite the combatant, a Heavy Cruiser that could combat most other starships of varying species. 400+ Klingons and a plethora of weapons made it all that much better.

"Outer marker reached," announced her helm. "Starbase 249 is granting us access to their territory."

Surla gave a grunting chuckle. "Of course they are. We are friends." Standing and stretching, Surla spoke out to her bridge crew. "Acknowledge the Starfleet signal. Half impulse to the space facility, then dock as usual." Stepping down off her dais, Surla leaned over the Helm's shoulder, speaking in a low, and threatening, tone. "Dock as needed. Any deviance will exact a heavy price." Patting the young Klingon on his shoulder twice, Surla spun and looked to the bridge. "Docking procedures. I'll be in my ready room." She left the bridge, taking her personal corridor to her private command abode, leading directly from the bridge.


Stepping over the threshold from ship to base, Surla stopped at the Security checkpoint for Starfleet. "Lady Surla, HoD for the IKS Bloodwing, and a visiting ally!" She said this forcefully.

"One moment, Lady Surla," answered the Security officer. Tapping keys he then looked up. "You are cleared, Captain Surla. Thank you for your patience."

Surla gave a Klingon laugh. "So polite. Thank you for due diligence." Turning from the Security checkpoint, Klingons in tow, Surla walked on. Arriving on the promenade with her contingent, Surla gave them a waving away. "Go find something to do. I need no escort!" They broke and split, looking for their own entertainment. With all that Trinity had going on Surla had no need for Bliss, but instead, looked for elsewhere to spend her time, and latinum.